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12 May 2017

Maintenance campaign

Last week several doctoral students of the doctoral programme were busy in the HOAL in repairing and maintaining equipment in the research catchment.

Casings of data and power supply cables were checked for damages, which e.g. sometimes can occur by animals and were repaired. Also weathered logger boxes and discharge measuring weirs were smoothed and repainted. It was a relatively little effort to extend the lifetime of all the installations, which are permanent exposed to the influences of weather and environment.


maintenance cable reparation
13 April 2017

Eddy covariance calibration

Yesterday Patrick Hogan and Borbala Szeles have been in the field to calibrate the Eddy covariance devices. Borbala will now gradually take over the responsibilty for the weather station installations with the support of Patrick. For the calibration a dew point generator was used. This device is used for providing a stream of gas with a precisely controlled dew point which for example is used for calibrating the H2O channel of gas analyzers.


Weather station calibration 1
27 March 2017

Infiltrometer measurements

Currently an infiltrometer measurement campaign is operated by Tommaso Picciafuoco (guest student from University of Perugia, Italy) at the HOAL catchment. With several Double Ring infiltrometer sets and one Csiro infiltrometer device he is determining the saturaded hydraulic conductivity on a grass land field. Later, some other representative spots in the catchment will be investigated.


Infiltrometer Double Ring
14 March 2017

Maintenance works at weather station equipment

Some days ago atmospheric scientist Patrick Hogan was in the field, supported by Matthias Oismüller, to maintain some of the weather station devices. The present weather station (which is measuring raindrop distribution) and the mobile eddy covariance systems (evaporation) were checked and prepared for calibration. Since warmer temperatures are on the way to come evaporation and other parameters are again important to be monitored.


weather station maintenance
21 February 2017

Diver sensor installation for groundwater monitoring

Recently at the eight new ground water monitoring gauges, which were installed in Sepember 2016, diver sensors have been installed to permanently monitor the ground water level at these gauges.

The eight gauges are located at different representing spots in the catchment and were drilled from 15 meters up to 42 meters depth. There is soon also a regularly water sampling for water quality analysis planned and the monitoring should lead to a better understanding of the groundwater behaviour in the catchment.


diver installation