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03 February 2017

Getting ready for the snow melt

Currently the HOAL is still covered by a snow layer of 10cm or partly even more. In the next days warmer temperatures are predicted so we expect the melt of the snow and a rise of the discharge at the stream or even slight overland flow on the fields.

Therefore Matthias Oismüller and Markus Oismüller were in the field today to get all H-flumes, where the different discharges at the tributaries and stream are measured, ready for this observations. Since there were deep temperatures in the last weeks the stations partly got frozen and got ready now for the next events.


snow melt 1
27 January 2017

Collection of deposit samples at snowy conditions

Today Markus Oismüller was collecting the precipitation deposit samples from the HOAL weather station. The first try yesterday to 'just' drive down with the 4WD car to the spot of the weather station failed due to too high snow on the road. Luckily a neighbouring farmer could help to get out the car of the snow again.

Finally the samples were collected by foot. See on the pictures the beautiful snow cover over the HOAL Petzenkirchen with e.g. some soil moisture stations heading out through the snow.


sampler collection
06 December 2016

Temporal soil net installation

Matthias Oismüller, Rasmi Silasari and Isabella Pfeil (new doctoral student of the Vienna Doctoral Programme on Water Resource Systems, watch her profile here) are currently installing the temporal soil net again at the HOAL fields.
The soil net sensors had to be removed from the fields for a short period due to the farmes were cultivating the fields for the next season.

The sensors are installed in a depth of -5, -10, -20 and -50cm and will stay there until next summer, where the fields will be harvested again.


soil net installation
04 October 2016

Finishing of deep borehole drilling campaign

Yesterday the deep borehole drilling campaign at the HOAL was finished. The groundwater layer was hit at almost all surveying gauges, at one location we drilled up to 41m to hit this layer. The gauges will now be equipped with serveral sensors for a continuous monitoring.

See some more impressions of the quite challenging - due to partly bad weather and other issues - campaign.


drilling set up
20 September 2016

Deep borehole drilling campaign

This week a deep borehole drilling campaign at the HOAL started which is a part of the collaborative work with the TU Wien geophysics group. Eight significant spots spread over the catchment were determined and at each of this spots a borehole with a depth of 15 meters is drilled and a gauge installation is set up.


All gauges will be equipped with different sensors to measure hydrological and geophysical parameters. The aim of this set up is to gain data from the underground happening processes and to verify models and hydrological and geophysical measurement campaigns from the surface.


drilling machine