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08 November 2018

Geophysical mapping

In October Geophysics students from TU Wien were operating electromagnetic induction (EMI) measurements at the HOAL.

Two devices with a shallow and a deep range of the signal have been used. There were several profiles on the different fields in the HOAL measured and georeferenced. The goal is to further characterize the soil's spatial heterogenities in the electrical conductivity down to around 5m depth by using this contact-less probes.


08 October 2018

Installing new Piezometer stations

For getting information about groundwater new piezometer stations are built. In this case the stations will be used for tracer tests.

Considering building these stations, soil samples were taken for soil characteristics and isotope analyses. 


30 May 2018

Temporal soil net installation

The doctoral students of the Vienna Doctoral Programme on Water Resource Systems, are currently installing the temporal soil net again at the HOAL fields.
The soil net sensors had to be removed from the fields for a short period due to the farmes were cultivating the fields for the next season.

The sensors are installed in a depth of -5, -10, -20 and -50cm and will stay there until autumn, where the fields will be harvested again.


17 January 2018

Mobile eddy maintenance

Today Borbala Szeles, student from the DK on water resource systems, is in the HOAL fields to collect data from the mobile eddy covariance stations and to do some maintenance works.
Even if less evapotranspiration is happening in this time of the year the devices are running the whole time to collect data of the catchment.


Eddy maintenance