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08 February 2016

Ground control measurements for camera calibration

Today Rasmi Silasari is in the field for making ground control measurements for calibrating her camera, which is mounted on the top of the HOAL weather station mast. The camera makes regularly pictures and movies of a certain part of a field, where regularly overland flows occur after heavy rainfalls. These observations are done to investigate the space-time patterns and connectivity of surface flow.


ground control point measuring
28 January 2016

BACTcontrol maintenance at the HOAL

Philipp Stadler is in the field today to operate the regularly maintenance works of the BACTcontrol devices, which he is using for his investigations of fecal pollution in the HOAL stream. With the support of a colleague, the devices are removed from the sample location at the catchment outlet and brought to the workshop, where the whole equipment is tested and cleaning and maintenance works are done.


bactcontrol maintenance outlet
08 January 2016

Applications are open for 7 PhD student positions in the Doctoral Programme on Water Resource Systems

The  Centre  for  Water  Resource  Systems  at  the  Vienna  University  of Technology announces  competition  for  the  third  intake  of  doctoral candidates  for  the  Doctoral Programme on Water Resource Systems. A part of this doctoral theses will inlcude research in the HOAL catchment.

Application deadline is April 30, 2016. For more information follow this link.


04 January 2016

Günter Blöschl was awarded the Robert E. Horton Medal

For his “outstanding contributions to hydrology” Günter Blöschl was awarded the 2015 Robert E. Horton Medal at the AGU Fall Meeting Honors Ceremony, held on 16 December 2015 in San Francisco, California.

Follow this link to the citation of the medal award.


22 December 2015

Universum magazine reports about HOAL

The Austrian magazine 'Universum', which is presenting monthly reports about science and nature, reports in its December journal on several pages about the research in the HOAL.